About the author

I need to move my feet fairly often. I write down ideas all over the place. I dance like no one’s watching, (even in public). I cut my own hair and wear my mother’s dresses from the seventies. I really love to talk to strangers, sometimes. Sometimes, I decide what year it will be today.

Some of my finer pleasures include silence between friends, stolen apples, folklore, good hats, taking risks, duvet days, things in threes, quick comebacks, sending letters, getting lost, the smell of old books, raising your voice (for the right reasons), adorning myself with fake tattoos and real piercings. And definitely playing in the rain.

My friends are vital to my happiness as is their happiness. I am the youngest of the family but not the last. I know things about you that you never said out loud, because I listen carefully. I really don’t care what you had for breakfast. I miss people who are gone, and some of them are worthy of being missed. I see immense value in the truth, however brutal or brave you must be to give it. I will get to Canada one day.  I always swat mosquitoes if I can catch them.



You can follow me @evsomerville (if you’d like to!)

More of my work can be found at My Destination

or also at Soundcloud


One comment

  1. Granny Hovis

    i love you dude!

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