We make totems, talismans, make tokens of our meaningfuls

and wish to gods we’re beautiful

dreaming full of wishes and woes

Wondering where our money goes

before the last of the month

Replaces it

Restores it to

less than we started with before,

We look for meaning in the details,

While demeaning bosses gouge our entrails

We sacrifice dignity for security

And wish the world we had was enough to sustain us

But humans are defined by lust

And must admit defeat against the tides that guide us;

The moons that pull us to

Lunatic desires

Home fires never felt warm enough just




So we score beaches and temples with our footprints

Push our hands into the dirt to feel it.

So speak to sisterhood peoples,

Remember to Read Burned books



Look, at illicit things

Seek mischief (it’s out there either way).

What joy there is in letting go!

What bravery there is in loving ones you know might hurt you

What life there is in our most vulnerable, most delicate state,

And so,

We raise the stakes.


About hereisthemoment

I write. Sometimes I don't.

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