Ethnobotany, (the Bronx, 2015)

Born the year of a failed revolution* but refusing to be quashed, they both arose;

from tyranny and a tram-wreck

and so the legend goes.

With purest reverence,

she was as much German as Mexican,

(embracing whichever was the most othering stance)

and so fiercely determining her own provenance

She claimed herself from the wreckages

and wreaths of pity or pain,

to climb,

even limblessly

and it was she who ravished the flames;

She stood with the oppressed, and fought for all who ought to be free

With a burning ring of marigolds

and fuming fuscias crowning her

all wild things surrounding her;

Parrots, Artists, Exiles

Controversial Lovers;

Though she was amongst them,

She was never like the others.



*Frida Kahlo seems to have been born in 1907, and reclaimed the year of her birth as 1905, which is the date of theĀ attempted revolution in Russia that set the spark for the overthrow of the 300 year Romanov dynasty in 1917, diverting control to communist rule.




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