I’ve lived my life walking bridges,Burning bridges, building them.

Did we ever know how much we are like water? That

We move where the world

Leads us, that we go where

The fates bid us, that we

Spill when the heart is


That we dance in the light, even when

We do not know it?

I have lived by rivers my

Whole life, and never

Known dry land.

Water cannot be held in flat hands,

They must cup, upwards, to catch the rain and let it remain in the bowl of a palm.

Extending a lake at the end of my arm, I offer it to you,

This small gift of wet light,

This small token to remind you of the beauty within reach, even in the darkest night,

Like a kiss to your thirst, I offer you this.


About hereisthemoment

I write. Sometimes I don't.

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