Brexit / Bremain

[Today the UK votes in a referendum to decide whether we stay in the EU, ‘Bremain’, or break off, ‘Brexit’]

One of the most prominent concerns throughout the brexit debate, is that of immigration. Let me address this in the universally relatable language of food.
Within 100m radius of my beloved front door, I can buy freshly baked challah, monstrously large mangos, sticky baklava, steaming hot bajis and fluorescent pink candies covered in coconut and powdered sugar that give you a toothache at one glance. Half the fresh produce for sale at the market I pass along each morning and each afternoon, I am yet to fully identify, and this is exactly the hope and excitement and optimism I feel about remaining in the EU. We all have so much to offer each other. No one is better simply because they were born British, but certainly this circumstance makes us more fortunate than some. I’m voting to remain, and to stay in a European family. 

The thing about families is that, sure, they bug you sometimes or you think they’re unfair on you, and favour your little brother, or that your parents don’t understand you. You have to make sacrifices for them sometimes and they expect favours of you. But they also look out for you, hold you accountable to who you try to be, and stick together in difficult times. 

It would be fairly awkward to divorce your parents, disown your siblings, and still expect to get invited round for Sunday lunch because you’d not expected to give up the good bits, and you’ve not got grandmas recipe, and you really want some apple crumble and hot custard, sat round the table with everyone else. Even if you do enjoy squabbling over the best part of the roast. That’s what families are for. 


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