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Hey all

I’ve been a bit quiet lately (only on here, never in real life!) It’s because I’ve been concentrating my creative powers on performance poetry. This is a pretty scary (but not quite so) new thing for me which I’m really enjoying (my first performance was about a year ago now but haven’t done many – so much more to come!).

I’ve found that working on this, and performing it, is influencing how I write prose too so it’s having some strange effects which I’m happy exploring… Anyway, next up on HereIsTheMoment I’m hoping to get a half decent video clip of some of my performance stuff. (I could post it in written form, but that’s not really what it’s built for so I’d love to share it with you in it’s real ‘body’)

It’s rather different from anything you’ll have read on my blog so far, because it’s a lot about how it sounds, responding with the audience, playing with words, emotion, and how you express it with your voice and your body. Big learning curve, and massive fun (basically fear+gumption= adrenaline rush)  So watch this space!

Till then, you should check out some spoken word/performance poets/slam poets either on youtube*, or in your town, because its really exciting and cool. But I would say that….

*If you’ve never tried it before, check out the awesome amazing works of The Striver’s Row (an American collective of INCREDIBLE poets, who were my first taste of this and got me hooked), or Button Press (who publish some great videos from varied artists) or Def Jams poetry who host some great performances too. Enjoy


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