Lost and Found

Give him no credit

For those acts which he

could feign a vain proficiency.

He deserves no note for those acts

Which he was almost  brave enough to


(No honour is there in considering it.)

Let us not observe, those sparks he left unlit.

Let cowardice be binary

And all of us be split between

Those of us who were, and those who might have been

And let us live by our actions,

Not call upon distractions to excuse all deeds we may omit.

The words he almost spoke will not be quoted,

In history books

He won’t be noted,

The causes he would have stood for, if he felt he could

Shall not honour him as a their patron.

Let’s move on

From the almost-man

Who was not brave enough to do

Was not brave enough to take a stand for what he thought worthwhile and true

Let the almost-man be forgotten

As quickly as his almost-endeavours

Those who almost live, will be remembered almost never.


About hereisthemoment

I write. Sometimes I don't.

One comment

  1. Sam

    I dig. Very Sartrean.

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