Duplicitous two

I know you got your demons

And honey I got mine

But you know

Honey you know what we’ve got is worth it

So let’s get it right this time

I know you don’t like listening

But baby I don’t want to talk

So I’m going inside

And I know which way you’ll walk.

I know you’ve had your moments

And baby I’ve had mine

But in that new blue jacket

You’re really looking fine.

You look me in the eyes and say

It’s time we went our separate ways

And I know you’ve never meant it

Cos you follow me through the door.

I know we’ve had our problems

And baby we’ll have more

But we can’t seem to be apart for long

Isn’t love what forgiveness is for?

I go into the kitchen and turn the kettle on

The water’s not boiled yet but you’ve already begun

You know where to touch and catch me helpless

Instinctively we dance The Undress.

I know you’ve had you’re trials,

And baby, maybe this is mine

But the harder it is, the better

Let’s do it right this time.


About hereisthemoment

I write. Sometimes I don't.

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