Norfolk Song

I went to the graveyard

To look for the proof of love

The church doors were locked.

So I wandered

Saying whispering

Softly the names aloud

two earwigs mated, hung and spinning from a fern leaf

they belonged to the fern

and one fell off.

the sheep were all at one end

of their pasture,

the wolf we thought we heard

the night before

might as well not have

retreated; still.

I do my gentle best to fathom

The bleating,

But it seems random

Or instinctive to me.

I watch a while and bid

Them goodbye for now

As I walk home , bathing

My boots in the shallowest

Puddles and grasping at the lowest

Hangs of my dress

Keep from harms way.


About hereisthemoment

I write. Sometimes I don't.

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